Drystone Walls and Greenwood Crafts

Would you like to learn practical skills from rural craftspeople?

We offer bespoke training in drystone walling and woodland crafts (greenwood chairs, spoons, baskets, coppicing) at private woodland sites across Yorkshire.

Whether it’s a one-day courses or full training programme, we offer expert tuition in peaceful surroundings, with all tools, materials and equipment provided.

Do you have a drystone wall to rebuild?

Our small team of qualified drystone wallers is available for domestic and commercial wall repairs and new build walls and drystone work.

We’re happy to offer referrals from previous private and public authority clients as recommendation for our work.

Know someone who would benefit from reconnecting with nature through handicraft?

We call some of what we do “Educational Woodcraft”, or “sloyd” (Google is your friend!)

We work with children, young people and adults to show what can be learned by going slowly, working diligently over time with tools and natural materials, and making useful things.

For a range of case studies of our recent work, get in touch.

Just complete the contact form below and we’ll get back to you!


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