Drystone Walls and Greenwood Crafts

Would you like to learn a greenwood craft?


2020 isn’t panning out too handily for outdoor crafts, nestled round the fire.   Do get in touch if you would like to plan something. This year we will probably work safely at our Escrick workshop and meadow.

  • Spoon Carving for Beginners – a one day immersion in the art of whittling to some purpose
  • Spoon Carving for Improvers – three full days over three weeks. Dates to suit participants
  • Spoon Carving: The Works – nine full days over the Summer and Autumn; dates to suit groups.
  • Family Craft Day – one full day exploring tools and natural materials
  • Making Useful Things From Wood – one full day to learn to turn a spurtle, or make a mallet, or whittle a spatula, or fashion something wooden and useful

Do you have a drystone wall to rebuild or a new wall in mind?

I’m a skilled drystone waller, with a strong portfolio of farm, domestic and feature walling for both public and private clients.  My pricing is competitive, and I have a small team of excellent wallers to call on for larger contracts. Recent references are readily available.

Please use the contact form below, or call Tom Handley on 01904 728695


Know someone who would benefit from reconnecting with nature through handicraft?

Some of my work is “Educational Woodcraft”, or “sloyd”.

I work with children, young people and adults to show what can be learned, achieved and discovered by going slowly, working diligently over time with tools and natural materials, and making useful things.

Successes have included:  a decade of woodcraft school in a bespoke forest garden for nursery children at Pinderfields Hospital, Wakefield; improved educational attainment for Keystage 2 pupils over one academic year at Cottingley Primary Academy; reducing NEET numbers through woodcraft and walling training for Barnsley Council, 2008 -2013.

For a range of case studies of our recent work, please get in touch.


Just complete the contact form below and we’ll get back to you!


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