Spoons For Sale

The sawmill has been quiet over winter.  Round timber prices peaked at an all-time high, so the stocks dwindled and I buried myself elsewhere.

These spoons are made with fresh branchwood pruned to improve the form of forest trees, or from tree surgery byproduct. No wood is felled specifically for spoon production.

Unless specified, the wood is treated with a light coat of flax oil. The spoon comes packaged with care instructions and a lifetime guarantee against defect.

Drop me a line or place a call if you would like a specific pattern, decoration, colour or species.

UK shipping costs around £3.70 first class.  PayPal or BACS payment.

24 cm silver birch server with milk paint finish
£30 + p and p
18 cm silver birch eating spoon with milk paint
£28 + p and p
15 cm baked bird cherry, left-handed eating spoon
£25 + p and p
24 cm bird cherry shovel
£30 + p and p
21 cm oil-free silver birch eater with kolrosing decoration
£26 + p and p
21 cm oil-free rowan eating spoon
£25 + p and p
15 cm rowan “pocket” spoon
£20 + p and p
24 cm un-oiled salted sycamore serving spoon
£28 + p and p


30 cm baked ash ladle with blackthorn inlay and pot hook
£32 + p and p
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